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This Week: Important Docs for Summer Camp


We are so excited about SEND CAMP 2017!

We’re going to have a lot of fun and we believe that this trip will be life impacting for our students and the community we serve. Please help your child prepare by looking over the information in this email and making sure he/she is ready!

Schedule – SC2017

Camp Guidelines

What to Bring 2017

Camp Teams

Throughout the week, we’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page (

Continue to pray for us as play, worship, and serve!



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This Week in Student Ministry: Grow


We have been entrusted with a great responsibility to lead the next generation in faith. As the Psalmist declares of God’s work, “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” (Psalm 78:4)

The result of our intentional communication of God’s character and works is “that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God” (v. 6-7).

It’s a joy to partner with you as you raise your children in the Lord. It’s our aim to see your efforts and our partnership result in coming generations of faith!

Let me tell you about some areas of partnership over the next couple of months.

Student Worship

Our Wednesday night programming aims to lead unchurched and churched students to follow Jesus and embrace His supremacy in their lives. As we say at Redemption, “It’s all about Him!” Currently, during our Student Worship services, we’re walking through key themes in the book of Proverbs, applying wisdom to our friendships, family relationships, words, emotions, and more.

We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00. Our services also prepare our students for greater interaction in their Student Groups on Sunday mornings.

Summer Send Camp

Summertime is right around the corner! Throughout the summer we’ll be participating in purposefully planned events to encourage the spiritual growth of your students. One of those key events is Summer Send Camp!

Send Camp is a unique experience for students at Redemption Church that combines the best elements of a summer camp and a mission trip. Throughout the week, our students will participate in worship, small-groups, recreation, service projects, and local outreach. Our students have consistently told us that this is the BEST WEEK of the summer!

Quick Facts about Send Camp:

  • Dates: June 14-18
  • Cost: $245
  • Our theme: HEROES
  • We will be staying at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL
  • Our speaker is Joseph Lanier, a former intern at Redemption Church and student at Midwestern Theological Seminary.
  • Worship will be led by Andrew Witherspoon, who has led the last two years.


Financial Information: Spots are limited, so make sure to get your student(s) registered.  All balances must be paid in full by June 1st. You can register for Send Camp with your payment at the Student Center.

If you have any questions regarding registration or scholarships, please feel free to contact the Student Ministry office by phone: (251) 445-5438 or email:


I love being your Student Pastor!




Looking Ahead to 2017

2016 has been a GREAT year!

We have had the privilege of being a part of the work of God in the lives of our students, their families, and in our community. We pray that 2017 will have an even GREATER impact!

Please join us by praying for our ministry and students and by staying informed about key events in 2017. Our three main events for 2017 are listed below with a description of each, along with financial information.* Encourage your child(ren) to participate as much as possible and please let us know if we can help with registration.

ADVANCE 2017 | February 17-19

Advance is all about connecting middle school and high school students to God’s mission for their lives. Throughout the weekend students will participate in large group worship sessions (with other area churches), in-home small groups, service projects, and more!
Total Cost: $35; Paid in Full by February 17th


Summer Send Camp has a summer camp feel (worship, recreation, activities, beach), but with the added element of a mission trip (service projects, outreach). Spots are limited.
Total Cost: $245; Paid in Full by June 1st


Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus. Students will travel to Orlando, FL and learn the practical, relational, and life skills to change the way they think, dream, and lead. Learn more:
Total Cost: $750 ($150 Deposit due by March 5th); Paid in Full by June 1st 

Other Key Dates in the Spring of 2017:

One Meal (last Sunday): January, March, May, July, September, November
Share Your Faith Workshop: February 25
Dodgeball Tournament: May 17
Senior Recognition: May 21


*Each event and dates are for North Mobile and West Mobile students.

I love being your Student Pastor!

Nathan Schneider

“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16

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Summer Send Camp: Camp Recap

Send Camp 2016 was a success!

Almost 70 students signed up to serve their city in a unique way. Partnering with local schools, we served by painting parking lines, building a deck, picking up trash, moving furniture/ desks, clearing property, and a number of other inside and outside jobs. Although hot, our students pushed forward and completed what was asked of them. As one student put it, “I didn’t know working could be fun!”

Besides the mission projects, we also had times of worship, small groups, and big-time recreation. One student, who signed up to work, even gave his life to Jesus during the week! We ended the week at Redemption Church where we highlighted the work and baptized a few students who had surrounded to Jesus in the last couple of weeks.


I love being your Student Pastor!


“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16



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Summer Send Camp: Day 3

We’ve had another GREAT day at camp! Today was similar to yesterday in that we did mission projects, recreation, worship, and a night-time activity.

Our students have enjoyed their time here and have made a BIG impact! The mission projects have paved the road for future service opportunities around the new campus. It’s been tough work, but well worth it. Someone texted in to our church today after seeing our students work and asked about our launch in West Mobile.

Pastor Bobby spoke this afternoon about partnering with others in the advancement of the gospel. This week has been an excellent testimony of that partnership!

We’re thankful to be a part of a great church and the greatest movement in world history!


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Summer Send Camp: Day 2

It was a HOT day!

Plenty of water was on hand as our students worked hard at two different local school. We moved desks, cleaned bathrooms, painted bathrooms, picked up trash, trimmed bushes, and so much more. These projects will be completed in the next couple of days and others will be added soon. Tomorrow we will begin work on a deck and add a third school to our missions.

After working on our projects we moved to recreation. We played in the sun and kept hydrated throughout games of sock wars, slip-n-slide kickball, and other smaller games. Tomorrow, we’ll play colored sock wars and other games at Presleys Lake.

The day began with quiet times and a devotional from one of our seniors and ended with worship and another charge from Pastor Bobby to live the significant life. We had a lot of fun tonight with the belly-flop competition poolside, but it was the worship and small group times that our students were talking about. We’re grateful for GREAT adult leaders who give up time to pour into the lives of teenagers!

I love being your Student Pastor!


“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16

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Summer Send Camp: Day 1

We arrived in West Mobile at 6:45PM. After settling in the students joined for our first worship session. The theme was WORSHIP. The question posed by our speaker, Pastor Bobby Shirley, and reflected through our singing was: “Where is your focus?” It perfectly prepared us for the rest of the week! After our worship service we went to small group and then, played glow in the dark ultimate frisbee and wiffle ball.

Pray for us as we journey into mission projects tomorrow am!