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This Week in Student Ministry: Serving and Pancakes

Yesterday was a great day at North Mobile. Our students gathered in their Student Groups to discuss the Word of God and lives were being changed! Out of this growth we want to serve our community.

Be aware of a couple of things coming up that will impact both our groups and serving:

August 30th: One Meal

We’ll take a group of students to downtown Mobile to feed the hungry of our city. We will meet at the church at 3:00PM on Sunday, before heading down as a group. We will return at 5:15PM. Bring a box of Little Debbie snacks that can be handed out as a part of the meal. Limited spots for One Meal.


September 6th: Together Sunday

Together Sunday means that everyone will be in worship together at 10:30AM. Our students will gather in the Student Center during the first hour (9:00AM) for a pancake breakfast. Following our breakfast and short devotional, we will head over as a group to the Worship Center.


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This Week in Student Ministry: Life Transformation

Life transformation is contagious!

About nine years ago, my life was transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In my moment of despair and disrepair, God made clear to me that love and forgiveness were available through his Son, Jesus. I had grown up hearing the story of Jesus, but on this particular morning, for the first time, I understood grace. And upon receiving grace, my life was forever changed.

It’s been nine years and I haven’t gotten over life-transformation, not in my own life or in the lives of others.

Yesterday was a great day. We celebrated life transformation in the lives of five students through baptism. Then, in the early afternoon, a group of our students went downtown to feed the hungry. Yesterday was a reminder that nothing is better than a life changed by the gospel, and a life changed by the gospel impacts others.


I love being your Student Pastor,


“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16