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Youth Pastor Summit 2015 – Orlando

Student Leadership University hosted the Youth Pastor Summit in Orlando this past Monday and Tuesday. It was an incredible time of rest and sharpening. Below, I’ve provided some of the most helpful quotes from the speakers during the Summit.

Ben Trueblood, Director of Student Ministry at Lifeway Christian Resources

Ezekiel 33:1-10; Acts 20:18-28

Your job is to blow the trumpet. The Holy Spirit will do the convicting.

We are not here to give an opinion; we are to give the message that God gives with trumpet blast!

What is the content of our SOUNDING THE ALARM:

1. SOUND THE ALARM of God’s Plan of Salvation.

2. SOUND THE ALARM for People to Turn Back to God.

3. SOUND THE ALARM of Grace.

It’s not about students trying, but students dying and Jesus living through them.

4. SOUND THE ALARM of the Next Generation of Watchmen.

Coach Dru Joyce II, Lebron James High School Basketball Coach

The (athletes) we don’t hear about are the ones most important to me.

Jay Strack, President and Founder of SLU

I got tired of going to bed dry-eyed. I’m not going to be effective if I don’t have tears.

How are you going to accomplish your God-given task:

1. START where you are.

2. USE what you have.

Sometimes we worry about where we might get to that we don’t deliver where we are.

3. DO what you can.

Bob Goff, New York Times Best Selling Author

Matthew 18:2

I want people to meet me and see heaven.

God makes people. People make issues. But people are not issues.

Following Jesus is not the safe life.

Stop doing what you’re not good at, unless it’s relationships.

Become the humblest version of you.

A life of following Jesus means being available.

I think God wants us right on the edge of ‘Yikes!’

Ed Newton, Executive Director of the Lift Tour

Acts 8:26-40

1. Participation of a Servant

2. Pursuit of a Seeker

‘Everybody you spend five minutes with is a divine appointment with whom you have an opportunity to share Jesus with.’ Bill Bright

3. Power of Scripture

Teach students to memorize the Bible. The number one lost and found item in our ministries is Bibles.

4. Profession of Salvation and Baptism

During his breakout:

Little is much when God is in it.

Anyone can talk, but not everyone can communicate.

1. Theory of Communication

Intended meaning – (Verbal/ Nonverbal) – Perceived meaning

Redemptive communication is about the source (you), message (content/ the Word of God), channel (words), and the receiver (object of communication).

2. Truth in Communication

Revelation – Introspection – Application

We must address the mind, heart, and emotion.

Truth has to sink from your head to your heart.

Your ministry is not a funeral home (neat and dead). It’s a birthing room (messy and alive).

3. Treasure of Communication

You can have a skill of communication and not be anointed.

Living in sin is the quickest way to lose the anointing.

Anointing begins in the closet.

4. Temptation in Communication

God is using us to build His kingdom or we’re using God to build our kingdom.

There’s coming a time when you won’t be cool anymore. If you’re only preaching the Bible, you’ll never be irrelevant.

5. Trophy of Communication

New Testament preaching is not without invitation.

‘We’re not inviting people to a funeral, but a feast!’ Adrian Rogers

Your invitation should be clear, concise, and creative.

Doug Fields, Author/ Speaker

What is the one thing: Love the kids that God has entrusted to your care. When you love them, you disciple them; when you disciple them, they become evangelists.

We’re living a NASCAR lifestyle while trying to follow a Savior that walks.

Busy is the enemy of depth and faith.

Business is not a disordered schedule, it’s a disordered heart.

Where someone is busy, they’re broken.

There is one Savior and you’re not it!