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This Week in Student Ministry: Dodgeball 2016

STUDENT WORSHIP: For the past few weeks, we have been talking about being a person of influence. Now, we have an opportunity to make a lasting IMPACT!

Our dodgeball tournament is this Wednesday.

Here are the rules:

  • Teams are to be eight in size (six minimum).
  • The tournament will be single elimination (team will advance to the next round by beating their opponent best two out of three).
  • There will be a high school boys champion, high school girls champion, middle school boys champion, and a middle school girls champion.
  • There will be prizes for all winners and for the best dressed team.
  • If you have a high schooler on your team, you must compete in the high school division.
  • Please make every effort to register your team by 6:00PM.


I love being your Student Pastor!


“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16


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This Week in Student Ministry: Dodgeball

What does it take to be a student of influence? Beginning this Wednesday, April 13th, our students will begin a series on becoming a leader. We will talk about having the right vision, being able to get things done, playing to win, and more! The series is called: DODGEBALL. At the end of our series, on May 11th, we will be hosting a dodgeball tournament with big prizes for the winners. Encourage your student to work towards their potential as an influencer by being there on Wednesday nights.