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This Week in Student Ministry: Cleveland 2016

Life is best lived on mission!


This week our students will be traveling to Cleveland, OH, to serve Pastor Ben Shelton and his team at Redemption East Cleveland. We will be canvassing neighborhoods, conducting interviews, and helping to host a block party at the church’s new location. Their first service will be held this upcoming Sunday. Pray for the spiritual growth of our students, strength and encouragement for Ben and his team, and the spread of the gospel.

We will keep you posted with updates throughout the week!

I love being your Student Pastor!

Nathan Schneider

“the LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16


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This Week in Student Ministry: Redemption East Cleveland

I want to take a moment to celebrate the work of God through Gateway Heights Church in Cleveland, OH. This past Sunday marked four years as a body of believers as well as the launch of their new church plant, Redemption East Cleveland.

Over the past few years, our students have been able to work alongside of the leaders of Gateway Heights, including Zach Weihrauch and Ben Shelton. Our previous trips have meant to serve their efforts to make Jesus famous in Cleveland and, at the same time, encourage our students toward missional living here in Mobile County. God has certainly worked toward both of these endeavors over the last couple of years.

Check out more from Gateway Heights and Redemption East Cleveland. Commit to pray for them and their community.


Photo Cred: Facebook.

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Cleveland Update: Trip Recap

This has been a great week! We saw all of our students step up and step out of their comfort zones. There were people who prayed to receive Christ and, most importantly, a number of people who heard the gospel clearly. The gospel was shared more than 50 times, whether through surveys or conversations on the street.

The team bonded, made an impact, and was trained in gospel sharing that will multiply in impact as we return to Mobile.

I’m proud of our entire group!


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Cleveland Update: Day 6

We wrapped up our mission work today, but the ministry continues in East Cleveland. Keep Pastor Ben Shelton and his family in mind as you consider the people of Cleveland.

Our team is leaving Cleveland with joy as we saw God work in and through out students. We began today with worship and setting our hearts on what is most important: Jesus and His mission. Students responded by praying for others, fixing their eyes on Jesus, and making amends with others in the group that they had hurt during the week.

With clear minds and thankful hearts, we moved out into the community. Our students took bold steps to proclaim Jesus, whether that be interviewing a person on their own or sharing the gospel of God. I’m proud of each of them!

The gospel has been proclaimed faithfully on a number of occasions and it will be great to see the impact of these witnessing conversation later. It was also exciting to see the fruit of prayer during our time together. One group prayed for a woman and her son who hadn’t spoken in a while and as the team encountered later, she said that her one son had called after they left. There are plenty of other stories like that! 

We’ll see you tomorrow!


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Cleveland Update: Day 5

today was our second day of major mission work in East Cleveland. God work through our students in a powerful way as they canvassed the various neighborhoods. As the teams came back to the church for dinner, students Saturday round sharing of the way that God had worked for their teams.

The gospel was shared a number of occasions through our students asking basic questions about cultural issues. The people were receptive to giving up their time to answer some questions and God was faithful to open up doors for sharing the good news of Jesus to those people. There were those who responded in faith and many more who wanted to find out more about the church being planted.

We have one more day of all-day mission work and we’re excited about what God is going to do! Keep praying for our team and the longstanding faithfulness of God through Redemption Church.

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Cleveland Update: Day 4

Your prayers have been obviously felt. It was evident in the fuel for our mission today. We had a great time prayer walking and canvassing the same neighborhoods, engaging the community and sharing the love of Jesus in a variety of ways. Our team shared boldly in the community and everyone took a step out of their comfort zone to interact with some different contexts than what we’re use to. Even in conducting interviews, we saw people turning in faith to Jesus Christ.

Keep praying for this team and this community!


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Cleveland Update: Day 3

This has been a unique year for our team in the sense of bonding as a unit. After two days of traveling, multiple meals together, and a fun afternoon at Cedar Point, our team has built significant relationships. One of the exciting things for me has been to see ALL of the students become involved in these relational connections. This unity will be a major fuel for our mission moving forward. Continue to pray for these relationships and team unity.

 Tomorrow we begin our intentionally planned mission work around East Cleveland. We will connect with another church, FBC Concord, and do two things: 1. Prayer walking in the morning, and; 2. Doing interviews in the afternoon. 

I love being your Student Pastor!


“the LORD be magnified!” Ps. 40:16