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This Week in Student Ministry: Joy Dance

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We’re so excited to announce the Joy Dance again this December!

The Joy Dance is December 17th, 6:00-8:00PM (registration at 5:30).

What is it? This event is a special night of full-scale fun for people with disabilities, ages 12 and up. Formally attired guests will arrive on the red carpet and be escorted by volunteers to a night filled with Joy. There will be dinner, pictures, gifts and an evening of dancing the night away with friends.  Our goal is to bless our community by  providing a joyful evening for our guests.There is no cost to attend.

Our students will be volunteers for the event and will attend in formal attire. Student volunteers will arrive at 5:00PM for prayer and positioning. Specific roles can be requested and our team will try to accommodate those requests! Opportunities are listed below.

Check out the positions below and register to volunteer here.

Prayer Team – Pray for the needs leading up to the event and during the event.

Set Up/ Decorations – Assist the Dance Coordinator in any and all set up and decoration needs.

Tag Team  – As guest pull into the parking lot the tag team will have pre-printed list of small sticky labels that include the names of all the pre-registered guests. As the guest arrives, the tag team finds the appropriate label and places it on the shoulder of the guest while they are in the vehicle waiting in line. This serves two purposes. The first is to announce the guest’s arrival. The second is to assist with registration.

Parking Lot/Security – Needs to monitor parking and roam parking lot and inside of event for security issues.

Paparazzi – You will line the Red Carpet and use a smart phone with a flash to take pictures and clap for the guests.

Greeters – An announcer will announce the guests as they arrive. You will greet the guest as they exit the vehicles (open the door if possible) and connect them with a host/hostess as soon as they enter.

Volunteer/Participant Registration – Register and check in all volunteers

Host/Hostess – You will be paired with a “special guest”. You will escort the guest to every area of the dance and stray with them through the evening.

Photographer – You will take photo and video of the whole event. A second photographer will be needed for the photo booth.

Medical Team – is required to mingle amongst the guest and be available should any emergency medical situations arise. You will be given an earpiece at the time or arrival. A medical background is preferred for this area of service.

Food Servers  – You will assist in food set up and keeping buffet style trays full.

MC – Announce the guests as they arrive and are handed off to the greeters. Announce and run the dancing portion (possibly lead line dances) Announce Prom King & Queen. 

Chaperones – Mingle and Monitor dancing events. Just be prepared to help in any way.

Family Caregiver Hospitality Suite Host/Hostess – Mingle with and care for caregiver in the Hospitality suite.

Clean Up – Stay after the dance and help clean up and reset Student Center.


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