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This Week in Student Ministry: Spring/ Summer 2016

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Take advantage of key events and savings by turning in deposits for Spring/ Summer events early! You save a little by turning in deposits on or by November 22nd. Below I’ve listed trips and potential savings.

As you look at the event descriptions, notice that certain trips are exclusive to certain grades. Our intention is not for every student to participate in every event, but prioritize certain events. For example, Advance 2016 and Summer Send Camp are intended for all of our students. We would also encourage a high school student to spend time on a trip in a cross-cultural environment (Cleveland or Guatemala).

All events are to be paid in full by April 27th.


SlideEvent: Advance 2016
Grades: 7-12
Dates: February 19-21

Short Description: Advance is all about connecting middle school and high school students to God’s greater purpose for their lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This weekend event includes large group worship sessions (with other area church), in home small groups, service projects, and more!

Cost/ Early Bird (Deposit Amount): $35/ $25 ($25)


Event: Mission – Guatemala1911934_880122552001283_319499309906048817_n
Grades: 11-12
Dates: March 28 – April 2

Short Description: Partnering with Brian Holland, Phoenix Roasters, and Irving, a local coffee farmer in Guatemala, our students will serve a local church plant in San Juan Moca. Find an overview of the Guatemala Mission Trip here.

Cost (Deposit Amount): $1600 ($200)


11392821_10204318551025173_7829930110145544333_nEvent: Summer Send Camp
Grades: 7-12

Dates: June 2-5

Short Description: Send Camp will take our students to West Mobile. This week will have a summer camp feel (worship, recreation, activities), but with the added element of a mission trip (service projects, outreach). This will definitely be the best week of the summer.

Cost/ Early Bird (Deposit Amount): $200/ $175 ($50)


Event: Student Leadership University 101
Grades: Completed 8th – 12th
Dates: June 26 – 30

Short Description: Understanding that Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus, students will learn the practical, relational, and life skills to change the way they think, dream, and lead. Learn more on the SLU website.

Cost/ Early Bird (Deposit Amount): $625/ $600 ($100)


Event: Mission – Cleveland11754930_10207414303223669_7336897076578064391_o
Grades: Completed 9th – 12th
Dates: July 25 – Aug. 1

Short Description: Partnering with Zach Weihrauch and Ben Shelton, our students will serve Gateway Heights Church and Redemption East Cleveland through service and outreach. Our intention is to help make Jesus famous by bringing the gospel through our words and actions.

Cost/ Early Bird (Deposit Amount): $500/ $450 ($50)


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