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Summer Camp Recap

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This has been a great week of camp!

This year, our student ministry planned a week in the summer that was unlike anything else. We combined worship services, team recreation, and an emphasis on local missions in our area. The result was our students growing in the Lord and advancing his gospel throughout our a neighboring community.

Our speaker this year, Philip McDuffie, who is a former intern with North Mobile’s student ministry, spoke this week about God’s sending nature. Our God is a sending God. Our students practiced this all week in various forms, working with a rehabilitation center, a campground, a local school, the local church, a ministry to homeless men, and in many other ways. We ended the week with a block party for the community that promoted events happening around the community at various churches. The students served faithfully and share the gospel boldly.

The end result of this week has been life change in the lives of people in this community and, hopefully and prayerfully, multiplying impact for God’s kingdom in this community for years to come. 

The students came back and indicated that this was one of the best weeks they’ve had as a part of our ministry. One student professed Christ after being led to the Lord by another student, other students share the gospel boldly, and all of our students served by stepping out of your comfort zone through various projects and canvassing the neighborhood.

This has been a great week!



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