Nathan Schneider

Summer Send Camp 2015

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This has been a great week so far for our students in Citronelle, AL. Our group has been engaged in ground-level mission work, interaction with God’s word, and lots of fun! It was really exciting to see our students rally yesterday morning for a devotional and personal reading in God’s word, then, spread out through the community doing various mission projects. At one point our bus got stuck and had to be pulled out. The man who pulled our bus out commented on seeing our students in various places. The community has been great and have been gracious in offering various open doors to our group. This really has been a great couple of days of growing in God’s word and community, and making a difference in our local community.

The following is our general schedule:

7:00-9:00 – Wake Up, Breakfast, Quiet Times, Team Meeting/ Devotional

9:00-12:00 – Mission Projects

12:30-5:30 – Lunch, Small Groups, Recreation, Dinner

5:30-7:00 – Canvassing, Prayer Walking

7:30-9:15 – Worship, Small Groups

9:15-11:30 – Free Time, Games, Bed

                 Thursday will follow this general schedule. Friday will be a little different with the group throwing a block party on Friday afternoon (what we’ve been promoting while canvassing). 

Continue to pray for our group!
I love being your Student Pastor!


Psalm 40:16


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