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21 Days – Day 2

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I had a lot of trouble with this one… We have to keep in mind that the biblical authors weren’t thinking about how they could write smoother to help English translators!

Romans 5:2, “Through whom (JC – v. 1) we also have the right to enter by faith into this grace in which we stand and we praise in hope of the glory of God.”

One significant aspect of the Greek is that the verbs for “have” and “stand” are both in the perfect tense. This was hard to bring out in this particular verse, but the perfect tense is important to note because it’s not a simple past action, but rather it’s referring to a state that has come about because of a past action. Therefore, the focus is not on the past action, but the present result. Here, Paul notes that because of the justification/salvation in verse 1 (“we have been declared righteous”) we HAVE access to the grace of God and we STAND in that grace. As a result, we can praise (present tense) in hope of the glory of God. In other words, it’s not that were hoping God will come because we’re not sure if He will or not, but we rejoice with full assurance of God’s glory because we currently experience the confidence of our salvation (Schreiner suggests translating “we praise” as “we boast” to express the idea of complete confidence – not a bad idea).

How can you praise God today in light of your salvation?


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